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Skyrant is an extremely accurate Triggerbot, most say, the best available. But Skyrant is also very safe, we maintain a fully external and private model and that will not change.

This is what we offer

Our Amazing features

Skyrant is one of a kind

Be smart, go for skyrant

Nothing is every 100% safe when you talk about 10 years down the road, however Skyrant is as safe as it can get, every single feature that we offer is 100% external (pixel-based) and doesn't interact with any game memory. Ofcourse you can always get player reported if you go hardcore, so use this smart.


Fast Performance


Easy to setup








No downtime

The Ultimate Valorant Cheat

How does Skyrant works?

Installing and starting up Skyrant is very easy and not complicated at all, but we like to be transparant and clear.

Skyrant first does a safe check to see whether your current build is detected or not, when it is not Skyrant will automatically start up and tells you that you are safe to start cheating, if this changes during playing you will get an alert on time. Skyrant continues to check during gaming whether you are being detected or not.
After the live detection scanning is done, Skyrant will automatically open up with an Tutorial prompt that you can skip, if you continue the tutorial it will properly explain you everything that you need to know in terms of all Skyrant features.
After color scanning you are ready to get started cheating with Skyrant! There is no injection required because Skyrant is entirely external/pixel-based!


We accept Litecoin, Paypal and Creditcard, Cashapp and Bitcoin.
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$ 175.00

  • Lifetime Access!
  • Unique PRIVATE Build
  • Private Autopatch server
  • Discord + Forum Support

Do you have questions

We at Skyrant always try to be as informative as we can and that is why we decided to put a FAQ up of questions that you may have before you decide to purchase Skyrant.

You can also contact us forums you have questions that aren't answered on this website. One thing we want to be clear in upfront tho, we don't do any refunds and if you buy then you agree to this as well. Chargebacks on PayPal will be clasified and reported as fraud to PayPal, we have a stong trusted and very old business verified account and you will most likely get your account permanent limited entirely. Other than that, we ofcourse always do our best to provide the best support that we can give and if the tool doesn't work because of us then that is a very different situation ofcourse.

Yes Skyrant is entirely external, through pixel detection. However you will not experience the downfalls that all other pixel based bots has, Skyrant is not only very safe but also extremely accurate and fast.

We accept PayPal, CreditCard, Bitcoin, Cashapp, and Ethereum.

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